At the very beginning of January 2014 one of our Masters, Capt. Zbigniew Szot visited local primary school in Gdansk - Gdanska Autonomiczna Szkola Podstawowa - and met there with a group of students.

Capt. Zbigniew Szot was not only promoting the world of shipping to the youngest but also explained his daily duties while on board one of the DP shuttle tankers managed by V.Ships - Sao Luiz. He also stressed that there are many exciting opportunities waiting in the maritime industry, not only the at sea - but also ashore.

We very much hope that this small but significant event might become another important step of a larger campaign aiming to emphasize positive image of the maritime industry and reminding both young and older students of a wide range of possibilities waiting for them, both at sea and ashore.

Many thanks to the enthusiastic students for their commitment and joy during this short visit & to Capt. Zbigniew Szot for bringing the world of shipping much closer to the youngsters! 

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