It is our pleasure to inform you that from now on we offer a brand new benefit to our seafarers. This offer is also connected with our Sweepstake Competition, which took place during 2013 V.Ships Open Day. See pictures of the winners - once again, congratulations and we hope you're already enjoying your prizes and keeping fit !!

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We now offer you to join Pure Fitness & Gym & benefit from a tailor-made offer for V.Ships Seafarers only. How does it work? You simply follow below instructions:

  • please let us know you'd like to join Pure (simply call us or send us an email)
  • after verification, we inform Pure you will be joining them
  • while joining Pure for the first you'll be asked to show your Seaman Book, so please remember to take it with you
  • you'll need to fill in a form at Pure to join fitness & gym and agree discounted payment details with Pure
  • you'll then be granted membership & a personalized card from Pure

Why do we call it tailor-made offer? Because it is specifically designed for Seafarers and you'll be granted several additional benefits compared with standard Pure offers:

  • you can freeze your membership while joining the vessel
  • you'll be  granted 2-years membership for the price of a 1-year membership (more details at Pure)
  • joining Pure gives you an opportunity to attend both - Pure located in Klif, Gdynia & Pure located in Galeria Szperk, Gdynia
  • if you would first like to see Pure & then decide whether to join - please come to V.Ships office in Gdynia. We will give you a special leaflet which will give you 1 free entrance for one person, for one whole day to Pure (located in Klif, Gdynia)

If you have any additional questions and/or doubts please do not hesitate to contact with us.