10 Reasons V.Ships Poland
  1. No recruitment fees
    V.Ships provides free recruitment services. Under no circumstances shall we ever request a recruitment fee. Our aim is to hire, train and retain a committed and dedicated workforce, building a strong and lasting cooperative relationship in the process. 
  2. Training courses
    Whenever a V.Ships seafarer is asked to attend an in-house training course or seminar - essential in terms of complying with the company's Training Matrix - they are provided free to the seafarer. Additionally, we pay basic wages for the training days. 
  3. Senior Officer Partnership
    Senior officers sailing within our fleet - meeting specific performance and experience criteria - will be offered long-term V.Ships Senior Officer Partnership agreements, providing more stability for our seagoing workforce. All senior officers committing to this offer will benefit from career continuity and additional benefits, as detailed below. The present seafarer contracts, which are agreed prior to joining each vessel, will remain in force.
  4. Standby pay
    For senior officers who have signed the V.Ships Senior Officer Partnership agreement, standby wages will be paid while you are waiting to join or are in the process of joining a vessel. This applies to eligible officers whose next assignment is on a V.Ships managed vessel, either under full or crew management.
  5. Airport lounge access
    To make travel more comfortable when joining and leaving vessels, we will provide free airport lounge access for Masters and Chief Engineers that have signed the Senior Officer Partnership agreement. This benefit will be provided by Priority Pass, who has a worldwide network of airport lounges.
  6. Life insurance
    We provide complementary life insurance cover during leave periods for our Masters and Chief Engineers signed up to the Senior Officer Partnership agreement. 
  7. Revalidation costs
    For senior officers who have signed the Senior Officer Partnership agreement, V.Ships will reimburse the cost of national certificate of competence revalidation, including the cost of any training courses required to revalidate. 
  8. No allotment charge
    All seafarers' wages are paid directly into their nominated bank accounts, without any additional bank transfer charge. 
  9. Free travel
    For the majority of countries, V.Ships will cover the cost of travel from your home to the point of embarkation, and back. No seafarer will be asked to contribute towards this cost. 
  10. Healthcare Plan with Marine Benefits
    Senior Officers sailing on the majority of vessels will receive private healthcare for themselves, their spouses and dependent children. This is a demonstration of our commitment to a Career for Life for seafarers.

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